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RIP Max Stahl

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Max Stahl was a true friend of the Timorese people and their fight for justice. Max witnessed and filmed the Santa Cruz massacre where more than 250 East Timorese people were killed by Indonesian soldiers who opened fire on a group of peaceful protestors. They had marched from the Motael church Dili after attending a…
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Doing it Hard in COVID Time

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Recently, news reports warned that the health system in Timor-Leste was “in danger of collapsing” following increases in COVID-19 cases. The delta variant of the virus has caused a large upsurge in the number of new cases. The capital Fili and the regional city of Ermera had recorded the most cases. The national hospital in…
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Remembering Carmel Budiardjo

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Carmel Budiardjo died recently at the age of 96. She was one of the world’s greatest fighters for human rights in those countries whose human rights have been trampled on by the Indonesian military (TNI) with support and acquiescence of the US and its allies, including Australia. She inspired many others to champion the human…
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Moringa – Drumstick Tree

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There’s a tree that grows all over Timor-Leste called Marungi or Morgina (Moringa oleifera). It also grows across Asia, Africa and South America, although it is native to India. It’s called the miracle tree or the tree of life. Why? Because every part of this tree is packed with vitamins. The bark, seeds, flowers and leaves…
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“Moringa” – a great meal-maker

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There’s a tree that grows all over Timor-Leste called Marungi or Moringa (Moringa oleifera).  It also grows across Asia, Africa and South America, although it is native to India. It’s called the miracle tree  or the tree of life. Why? Because every part of this tree is packed with vitamins. The bark, seeds, flowers and…
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2021 Floods – Can you Help Timor-Leste?

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Dear Valued Supporter, You have no doubt seen the devastation wreaked by the recent flooding in Timor-Leste. Lives have been lost and there has been a large amount of property damage. The impact has been exacerbated by a lengthy COVID-19 lockdown in the country. In addition, the Timor-Leste’s government response to these crises has been somewhat hampered…
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COVID in Timor-Leste

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Up until very recently, the COVID-19 news from Timor-Leste was rather encouraging, as few cases were reported and people responded to social distancing and mask-wearing well. Churches had been closed, but parishes were ensuring that people had enough food. The parish of Motael is assisting 500 families. In the past few weeks the situation has…
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Education and Jobs

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One of the main aims of repaying the debt of honour owed to the Timorese is to assist them in education and job creation. Lisa Wahab, the principal of Mary Immaculate Catholic School Bossley Park, is an educator with a passion to walk the road of educating young children. She sees the need to help…
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Rest in Peace, Jon Lewis

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Jon Lewis was a great photographer. He died recently after a long illness. East Timor supporters are indebted to him for many of his works, not the least of which is his iconic portrait of Paddy Kenneally (father of ATLAS chairman Gerald) and the intrepid Timorese veteran, Rufino Alves Correia. The photograph draws us towards…
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The Great Untold Story of World War II

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Australian troops entered a territory administered by Portugal, a neutral power World War II, against the express wishes of the administrators. The Australian invasion breached Portuguese neutrality. The Japanese were moving south in the early 1940’s and fully intended to take over the western half of the island of Timor which was under the control…
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Fundraising at St Marys

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On the weekend of December 12/13, ATLAS’s indefatigable Rayella Haines conducted another successful stall. All proceeds will go to ATLAS works in Timor-Leste. Thanks to generous donors and the cooperation of the Parish Priest of Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Fr Brendan Murphy, around a thousand dollars was made to support Timorese projects, especially…
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The Timorese people finally freed themselves from Indonesian control

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Forty-five years ago, on 7 December 1975, East Timor was invaded by the Indonesian army– the fourth largest in the world. Troops, ships and planes swept onto the half-island, killing scores of people. The Timorese were at the mercy of other larger powers as well. The United States President Gerald Ford was visiting Indonesia with…
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Good meals for children

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In Saburai near Maliana in Timor-Leste, the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) Brothers feed over 50 children each Saturday. They provide a protein rich meal to help the children’s development. Br David (in the white habit) is responsible for this work. While there he also provides some teaching to the children. He walks to the…
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ATLAS Newsletter June 2020

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Read about Timor’s current efforts towards economic stability and how the desperately poor are being helped. There’s a letter from ATLAS chairman and an announcement about our Virtual Timor Time Luncheon. ATLAS Newsletter June 2020
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Fard’s Gift

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ATLAS received this wonderful account of Patrick Knight and his family who have generously supported St Therese’s Orphanage at Maubara for many years. ATLAS and the Maubara Orphanage thank the Knight Family sincerely for their wonderful support. “In 2008 at the age of 76 our beloved father Patrick Knight nicknamed Fard by his loving 18…
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How the Timorese saved our men

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World War II On 17 December 1941 t
he first of 400 men of the 2/2nd Independent Company began to arrive in Dili, violating Portuguese neutrality. Later, another 300 of the 2/4th Independent Company landed There were never more than 700 Australians on Timor at any one time. Japan, which had respected the neutrality of other…
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Education – Key to Development

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In 2019, ATLAS is proud to continue to assist with education in Timor-Leste. We are supporting twelve students from Maubara orphanage attending Senior Secondary Schools or Technical High Schools in Dili. This is only possible through the generosity of donors who support this very worthwhile program. To each of you we express our sincere gratitude….
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2018 Timor Time – a great success

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The fourth Timor Time was held at Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club on Saturday 25 August 2018, and what a great day it was!  Over 190 people packed the beautiful venue, gathering together for a great meal, a social catch-up, and some terrific entertainment. As usual, Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club assisted wholeheartedly and it was a…
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Graduate Nurses extend a helping hand

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For a number of years, Graduate Nurses from Calvary Health Care Adelaide have raised funds to support Health projects in Timor-Leste previously conducted by Sister Joan Westblade RIP. The 2017 Graduates were no exception. Despite a very challenging year of transition from the role of student to qualified nurse, they ran a series of fund-raising…
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Sewing school uniforms in Timor-Leste

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Liz and Gordon Biok recently went to the Carmelite Convent in Fatuhada to meet Sister Santina and Sister Inacia and talk about the sewing project. Four sisters were there and they freely discussed the progress of the first stage of the sewing project. In the first stage of the project four sisters and two girls…
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Eyeing Timor-Leste – A Successful Visit

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Jenny Shepherd and Kylie Knellwolf, nurses, and Nicole Frazer, clinical support officer, visited some ATLAS projects in Timor-Leste in May 2018. The main purpose was to undertake a vision screening program. The program facilitates diagnosis, intervention and treatment to optimise good vision, especially prior to starting school. In the days before screening began, Jenny visited…
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The latest “Timor Time” – 2017

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A wonderful afternoon was enjoyed by over 200 people at Dooleys Lidcome Catholic Club. Special guest from Timor-Leste was Alipio Simoes, a student who has just completed his IT Diploma in South Australia. The entertainment was superb and the food excellent, as usual. On sale were Timorese tais, woodwork by Vitál de Jesus, and “The…
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Another terrific effort

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Rayella Haines held a garage sale recently, bringing in much-needed funds for the young women being educated in Timor-Leste by ATLAS. As usual, she spent a great deal of time sourcing goods, pricing them, advertising the event and being on deck for the day. She was ably assisted by Marion, who always comes to the…
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Raffle Winners!

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All proceeds of the Raffle go to St Therese’s Orphanage in Maubara, Timor-Leste. The raffle was drawn Christmas Eve, 2017 by Father Brendan Murphy, Parish Priest of Our Lady of The Rosary, St Mary’s. 1st Prize…. Xmas Hamper Ms. Marina Haines from Concord 2nd Prize….
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“Vitál Woodwork” – A great development

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During August 2017, Vitál’s wife Francisca attended ETDA (East Timor Development Agency), an independent not-for-profit NGO providing vocational training in Dili. She completed a 4 week course in word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. The computer training is already benefiting ATLAS with Francisca submitting a Woodwork Project August Report information in an Excel Spreadsheet. The next phase is for…
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Craft Group Sales and Donations

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The members of the Craft Group at St Marys have been long time supporters of the orphanage at Maubara, Timor Leste. They generate funds through the sale of their lovely craft products and through coin collections made at each meeting. Recently, $800 was raised at the big morning tea and craft sale held in the…
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Supporting ATLAS projects

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Mother’s Day presented a great opportunity for Rayella Haines, an ATLAS member and parishioner of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, St Marys, to run a stall to raise funds for the children at Maubara orphanage. The stall was very well stocked with mostly new gifts suitable to give to Mother on her special day….
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Chris’s Timor-Leste News

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In this last visit we enrolled Vitál’s wife in a computer course which she started on July 3. This will be followed by an administration and finance course to improve her business skills so she can look after the paperwork part of “Vitál Woodwork” while Vitál focuses on making and selling products. In Timor you…
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Getting to Understand Each Other

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In the last twelve months ATLAS has invested in improving communications in the Woodwork Project by funding language training. Last August 2016 while in Dili Chris Scharf completed a two week Basic Tetun course at the Dili Institute of Technology Language Centre. In February 2017 ATLAS was able to fund a Pre-Intermediate English Course for…
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Raffle Winners

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The Raffle was drawn on 19 March 2017   Congratulations to: 1st prize    Mr Del Christie of Blaxland 2nd prize   Mr Paul McGrath of Moorebank 3rd prize   Howard Vanjour of OLR St Marys   Two consolation hampers: Mr Chris Mitchell & Mrs Margaret Prendergast   All proceeds to orphans in St Therese’s…
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ATLAS supports young women’s education

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ATLAS Support After receiving a proposal from the Carmelite Sisters early in 2016 and studying the feasibility of the project, ATLAS decided to provide financial support. An agreement between the two parties was then made which covered areas such as management, reporting and funding arrangements. Further details are available if required. Girls’ Education: Final three…
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Visit of Sister Inacia

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Sister Inacia Mafalda, a Carmelite Sister, arrived in Sydney in October 2016 as a guest of ATLAS. The primary purpose of her visit was to attend and speak at the Timor Time 2016 Luncheon as well as to make contact with friends and supporters. While in Sydney, Sister stayed with the Josephite Community at Lakemba…
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Timor Time 2016

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Timor Time was held again at Dooleys Catholic Club in Lidcombe. It was a great day!   There were over 230 guests, and Dooleys’ lovely room could not have held any more.   Special guests included Sister Inacia Mafalda, a Carmelite Sister from Timor-Leste who has responsibility for the orphanage at Maubara which ATLAS supports….
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Progress in Aileu

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Chris wrote of his experiences in the countryside: “At Aileu we visited the local school which has facilities to enable children with disabilities to learn there. The staff were incredibly enthusiastic to show us the school, and as with most things in Timor-Leste there is so much more that can be done. On the trip…
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Completion of Water Project in Dili

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ATLAS member Chris Scharf made a site visit on 11th August 2016, and confirmed that water is now delivered to the water tanks at the women’s accommodation on the top of the hill (as in the scope of the original project). Fr Kasmir Nema informed him that the water had been obtained from a spring…
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