Timor Time was held again at Dooleys Catholic Club in Lidcombe.

It was a great day!

A happy and moving moment at Timor Time
                  A happy and moving moment at Timor Time


There were over 230 guests, and Dooleys’ lovely room could not have held any more.


Special guests included Sister Inacia Mafalda, a Carmelite Sister from Timor-Leste who has responsibility for the orphanage at Maubara which ATLAS supports. It was great also to have Vitál de Jesus from Timor-Leste. Members of the Coro Loro Sa’e Choir entertained us with songs from Timor: Luisa Marques, Maria Neves, Joanna Pinto, Graca Soares, Ligia, and Zeca Monteiro, who played the guitar. Widows of members of the 2/2 Commandos graced us with their presence.


Sister Inacia and Vitál spoke to the guests about their work in Timor-Leste. Inacia told of the progress of the children at the orphanage, and Vitál spoke of the new workshop he has built and of his woodworking business. Chris Scharf explained how he became involved with ATLAS and about how he helps Vitál now. His recent visit to Timor-Leste has meant that the association with “Vitál Woodwork” is on an even keel and an upward projectory. Josephine Mitchell RSJ spoke after Sister Inacia, explaining the new project of supporting girls in high school after they leave the orphanage. As Josephine emphasised, the education of women and girls in developing countries is the key to the nations’ development.


A particularly poignant moment was when Luisa Cunha Marques was made an Honorary Member of ATLAS for her wonderful work in translating books into her Timorese language, Tetun.


Members of ATLAS worked hard to make the occasion a success, and were rewarded by the happy feel and the generosity of patrons.


All in all, it was a wonderful day, and people asked when the next one would be. Watch this space. Hope to see you there!