Fard’s Family

ATLAS received this wonderful account of Patrick Knight and his family who have generously supported St Therese’s Orphanage at Maubara for many years.

ATLAS and the Maubara Orphanage thank the Knight Family sincerely for their wonderful support.

“In 2008 at the age of 76 our beloved father Patrick Knight nicknamed Fard by his loving 18 grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren and a great-great grandchild, was moved by the story of a young woman who spoke at his local church––St Mary’s, Orange, NSW.

The young woman told the congregation of the opportunities she was given with the support of her benefactor and how that act of charity had given her a life and a future.

Now our Dad was a man of few words, but a deep thinker and while working in his much-loved veggie garden one morning decided that he could help. He had a large family 8 children and all those grandkids!

When gathered together to celebrate Christmas he spoke to each working adult, starting with his children and explained his idea and how as a family we could all help. Dad knew that by starting with a small contribution everyone had an opportunity to be involved. As Dad and Mum have always known through experiences in life, every little bit helps and with the love and support of their family they knew they could make a difference one small act of kindness at a time.

With his little family stash and the help of his Parish, Dad and Mum were introduced to Sr Josephine Mitchell and the story of St Therese’s Orphanage Maubara, East Timor.

Dad would spend time every year with his family sharing information and pictures on how the family contribution was being put to good use and the positive impact on the East Timorese children and their careers. It was important to him that we understood the difference we could make together. Equally as wonderful was the positive impact that the act of giving and appreciation of others had on his own family, especially all his grandchildren and great grandchildren and their understanding of kindness in action.

Every Christmas since, the collection has continued to grow. Sadly, we no longer have this beautiful humble man in body but his legacy continues through his family and is fondly known as FARD’S GIFT.


        Patrick Knight – “Fard”