Jon Lewis was a great photographer. He died recently after a long illness.

East Timor supporters are indebted to him for many of his works, not the least of which is his iconic portrait of Paddy Kenneally (father of ATLAS chairman Gerald) and the intrepid Timorese veteran, Rufino Alves Correia.

The photograph draws us towards one of the deepest realities of the Timor/Australia relationship – the friendship that grew during World War II. Australians who owed their lives to the loyalty of the Timorese numbered in the hundreds. The number of Timorese who died as a result of their choice of Australian soldiers over Japanese was over 40,000. The photograph captures something of the tenacity of that long-lasting friendship.

Jon’s photos are a fine legacy, and some can be viewed here:

Thank you, Jonny Lewis.

Photo by Jon Lewis