Current Projects

How ATLAS runs our Projects

We see that one of the most important roles is to make sure that our donors’ contributions reach the people who need it most. That is why ATLAS has a rigorous system to ensure that when we find a project to help people it achieves results. 

Every project is assigned a Committee Project Sponsor who ensures that the project has clear goals, is well managed and keeps to a budget. Regular follow ups with the local representative ensures that objectives are met, and we receive updates including photos and reports on how the project is going. The sponsor reports each month to the Management Committee on progress and whether any corrective action is needed. 

Every year we report to our donors and members on all our projects, and you can read more in our latest Annual Report or contact us if you are interested in a specific project.

Current Projects of ATLAS

Learning Centre

In 2019 Libby Bleakley addressed the January 30 ATLAS meeting to present background information on her request for financial support for the funding of English teachers at Sentru Formasaun ha Jeventude no Comunidade (Timor Learning Centre). Funding was approved. During Libby’s three years deployed to Timor-Leste with the Australian Federal Police, she and a colleague…
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St Paul’s School

In January 2021 the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres requested assistance from ATLAS to support their school in Turiscai (St Paul’s). Their aim is to provide the children with a well-rounded education which covers their growth – spiritually, physically and academically and includes training in health care (nutrition, good sanitation and hygiene). Turiscai is…
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Protein Supplement Project

ATLAS undertook this project with the Brothers from Missionaries of the Poor in early 2020. Saburai is a village in the mountains about 12km from Maliana near the Timor-Leste Border. The Brothers are now working with the children to address malnutrition which affects their physical and mental development, particularly protein deficiency. The children enjoyed the…
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Bread Kitchen

The fine initiative of bread production which commenced in 2019 has benefited the community and students at Eskola Dominicana, Hera by providing wholesome fresh bread daily. Using a bread mixer and two small ovens, the three staff bake 300 loaves of bread a day. There is now an additional demand from the local community on…
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Sewing Project

In April 2018 ATLAS was approached by the Carmelite Sisters at Fatuhada for financial support to assist in stage 1 of setting up of a Sewing Room for the education and training of women.  The rationale presented at the time was: Timor-Leste is a very poor country with a high unemployment rate among women.  The project began…
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St Therese’s Orphanage, Maubara

ATLAS is well aware that, despite the tremendous efforts to develop the country during recent years, Timor-Leste remains one of the poorest countries in the world with 42% of the population still living under the poverty line of USD 1.90 per day. It is also well aware that the disastrous flood of April 2021 together with…
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Education for Senior Students

In 2016, ATLAS, with the support of generous donors, launched its program for the Education of girls and young women, in Timor-Leste.  ATLAS is keenly aware of the lack of educational opportunities in general in Timor-Leste but particularly for girls and women, with only around 35% having the chance to proceed to Secondary Education.  As there…
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