In this last visit we enrolled Vitál’s wife in a computer course which she started on July 3. This will be followed by an administration and finance course to improve her business skills so she can look after the paperwork part of “Vitál Woodwork” while Vitál focuses on making and selling products.

                 Chris in Vitál’s workshop

In Timor you really need to slow down your expectations. On Thursday I sat for two hours just to get information on opening a new bank account. On Friday I caused a slight problem for Vitál when I went with him the Government Service Department to renew his business registration. The lady wanted to see my Passport and Vitál explained that it was just his business. She then said, “Oh, we only renew business registrations on Tuesday mornings.” Vitál will go on his own this time.

Vitál and I caught up with Rayella and Sister Josephine to meet with Sr Inacia and discuss further possibilities.

Back to Vital’s workshop on Saturday to do some more work on machines and get his four-in-one wood machine fully operational. Still waiting for some information from China but generally we did pretty well working out what was what.

                Meeting with Sister Inacia

Before leaving for Sydney we had few more things to sort at Vitál’s workshop and to continue discussion about ATLAS and his business to keep things on track.

A most interesting visit to Timor-Leste!