Francisca and Vitál

In the last twelve months ATLAS has invested in improving communications in the Woodwork Project by funding language training.

Last August 2016 while in Dili Chris Scharf completed a two week Basic Tetun course at the Dili Institute of Technology Language Centre.

In February 2017 ATLAS was able to fund a Pre-Intermediate English Course for Vitál de Jesus and an English for Beginners Course for his wife Francisca. This training has enabled ATLAS to have a better understanding of what is happening in the Woodwork Project because Vitál and Chris can now communicate with better understanding of each other’s language, sometimes Tetun and sometimes English.

Congratulations to Chris, Vitál and Francisca for undertaking this study. Future language training is planned to further enhance ATLAS ongoing commitment to the Woodwork Project.

                          Dili Institute of Technology