A wonderful afternoon was enjoyed by over 200 people at Dooleys Lidcome Catholic Club. Special guest from Timor-Leste was Alipio Simoes, a student who has just completed his IT Diploma in South Australia. The entertainment was superb and the food excellent, as usual. On sale were Timorese tais, woodwork by Vitál de Jesus, and “The Story of Captain” a book about the best dog who ever existed, Captain Joseph Darling.


Talks on ATLAS’s progress were given by the Chairman, Gerald Kenneally, and by Chris Scharf, whose careful oversight of projects in Timor-Leste is essential. Rayella Haines and Josephine Mitchell gave updates about St Therese’s Orphanage at Maubara and concerning the young women who path through education is being facilitated by ATLAS’s generous donors. As in the past, widows of World War II men who served in Portuguese Timor enjoyed the day. It is always a special delight and honour to have them at the dinner. All proceeds go to Timor to fund ATLAS projects. It is our way of helping to “repay the debt of honour” which Paddy Kenneally held so close to his heart.

      Noreen Nicoara and helpers at the door
Gerald and Nora Kenneally with Alipio Simoes
    Alipio Simoes speaking to the guests
    Fr Graham McIntyre and Rayella Haines
Gerald Kenneally giving his speech as Chairman
                            Table setting
           The room ready for the guests
  Arpana helping with the sales
Tais for sale
            Marion helping with the sales
Rayella Haines and Captain’s Book
                             Items for sale
        Chris Scharf addressing the guests
                     Some of the crowd


        Rayella Haines addressing the guests
       Josephine Mitchell and Rayella Haines
                     Paul and Janet Borg
Gerald Kenneally and World War II widows
             Some of the Timor Time guests
         Tais and crosses for sale