ATLAS Support

After receiving a proposal from the Carmelite Sisters early in 2016 and studying the feasibility of the project, ATLAS decided to provide financial support. An agreement between the two parties was then made which covered areas such as management, reporting and funding arrangements. Further details are available if required.

Homework time
                      Homework time

Girls’ Education: Final three years of secondary school

The students usually follow one of two courses: Natural Science or Social Science.

  1. Natural Science Subjects: Geology, Physics,Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Religion, English, Portuguese, Computer & Multimedia Studies, Malay/Indonesia and Sport
  1. Social Science Subjects:   Literature, Sociology, Geography, English, Portuguese, Malay/Indonesia, Religion, History, Computer & Multimedia Studies, Sport, Mathematics and Economics.
  1. Extra-Curricular Courses and Studies: Extra-curricular education and training is also provided in Sewing and Handcraft, Basic Health, Hygiene and Nutrition


Funds are required to finance this project. Donors are invited to sponsor a student as follows:

$1000 (AUD): Education costs for one year for one student.

This amount covers school fees, books, stationery & other requisites, exam fees, use of computers, and photocopiers, school uniform, levies, transport.

$2400 (AUD): Education costs plus Living Expenses per student which covers:

  1. All educational costs, accommodation, and maintenance of premises.
  2. Food, water, cooking arrangements and facilities.
  3. Health and hygiene (medical appointments and medications) for one year.
  4. Clothing and other basic essentials.

                                  Any donation is welcome and valued, no matter how small.

Thank you!

ATLAS is grateful to the generous donors who are supporting this program. We invite all those interested to join us in ensuring that these girls and young women will have the opportunity to complete their secondary education, to develop their own potential and so contribute to the development of their nation, Timor-Leste.

Josephine Mitchell