In Saburai near Maliana in Timor-Leste, the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) Brothers feed over 50 children each Saturday. They provide a protein rich meal to help the children’s development. Br David (in the white habit) is responsible for this work. While there he also provides some teaching to the children. He walks to the site, between five and ten kilometres.

Missionaries of the Poor providing a meal for children.
The feeding program happens on land in Saburai which was given to the MOP by the Bishop of Maliana. The brothers are in the process of building a monastery there and have completed a boundary fence. The monastery was to be commenced this year with support from Australia. COVID-19 has meant the men from Australia, who were going to help cannot go there for now. They are trying to source local contractors to commence work.
Through good donors, ATLAS provides some support for this essential program.