Chairman Update October 2023

Business sponsor for this month: Mathew Whitley – Matt, an insurance broker, has generously paid for the Public Liability Insurance and other Policies required to run a Charity.
…the container landed in Timor.
I would like to acknowledge two ATLAS supporters who have been called home to God: Father John Alt & Tom Hall… Our recent Trivia afternoon at Dooleys Regents Park Club was a great success…

Chairman Update May 2023

May 20th 2002 was Restoration of Independence Day for Timor-Leste
Our newest neighbour in the Asian region is 21 years old!  Congratulations to the people of Timor-Leste on their resilience and determination through all their struggles.

Like any developing nation, there is much to do, from a government level, in the development of infrastructure, and establishing the nation on the world stage for business and future development.

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