Chairman Update November 2023

Business sponsor for this month:  Peter Raksts Memorials.
Remembering the Santa Cruz Massacre 12 November 1991 – 270 Timorese students were massacred and another 250 were listed as missing… Timor, a country ignored worldwide was now in the spotlight… the Timorese were given the opportunity for greater autonomy within Indonesia or full independence…

Chairman Update October 2023

Business sponsor for this month: Mathew Whitley – Matt, an insurance broker, has generously paid for the Public Liability Insurance and other Policies required to run a Charity.
…the container landed in Timor.
I would like to acknowledge two ATLAS supporters who have been called home to God: Father John Alt & Tom Hall… Our recent Trivia afternoon at Dooleys Regents Park Club was a great success…

Chairman Update May 2023

May 20th 2002 was Restoration of Independence Day for Timor-Leste
Our newest neighbour in the Asian region is 21 years old!  Congratulations to the people of Timor-Leste on their resilience and determination through all their struggles.

Like any developing nation, there is much to do, from a government level, in the development of infrastructure, and establishing the nation on the world stage for business and future development.

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