A message from our Chairman, Gerald Kenneally

Hello friends of ATLAS — Welcome to our May 2023 update.

“Your friends do not forget you”

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May 20th 2002 was Restoration of Independence Day for Timor-Leste
Our newest neighbour in the Asian region is 21 years old!  Congratulations to the people of Timor-Leste on their resilience and determination through all their struggles.

Like any developing nation, there is much to do, from a government level, in the development of infrastructure, and establishing the nation on the world stage for business and future development.

How does ATALS assist? Through our many projects with our partners in Timor-Leste and with your assistance, we are able to help young Timorese through education and job creation.

ATLAS supports teachers and teacher training to be able to give skills to those who educate the students. These students will then have the skills and ability to go on and further improve themselves, either in Timor or beyond, and help make a difference in their developing nation.

In Turiscai, about four hours from Dili, ATLAS, through the support of the Asia Pacific Foundation, was able to purchase a generator, and a computer plus provide for the educational needs and resources of a school under the care of the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres who educate young children from the surrounding villages.

This school began in a house where the teachers would come and teach the local children. This situation continued until the Sisters were able to find land, with the help of the locals, to build classrooms so more children could attend.

I visited the school in March and can confirm that it is a credit to the Sisters and the community who saw the need for a school.

Through your backing of ATLAS, we can go on and support this developing nation, through educational support, which also means being able to support schools in food and nutrition programmes. Without the proper food, a child will struggle to learn and concentrate.

In our March newsletter, there was an article on the last page titled “A country born on an empty stomach: War and hunger in Timor-Leste” — You can read the article at www.atlaseasttimor.com.au where you can also donate online.

Till next time… Obrigada.