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Hello friends of ATLAS — Welcome to our November 2023 update.

“Your friends do not forget you”

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Remembering the Santa Cruz Massacre 12 November 1991

On November 12, 1991, as many as 270 Timorese students were massacred and another 250 were listed as missing.

The massacre would have remained hidden from the world if it hadn’t been for the late Max Stahl who filmed the tragedy that day and managed to have the footage smuggled out of the country for the whole world to see what was happening in Timor.

I had the privilege to meet Max in 2008 on my first trip to Timor, with my late father Paddy.

Max met us at Hotel Dili, where he shared his story about that fateful day. He told us how he hid the film and went into the cemetery that night to retrieve it and get it away for the world to see.

Timor, a country ignored worldwide since 1975 was now in the spotlight for the world to see.

In 1999 the Timorese were given the opportunity via a referendum for either a greater autonomy within Indonesia or full independence from Indonesia.

They chose Independence. The price was violence and aggression from the pro-Indonesian militia.

In 2002 Timor-Leste was officially declared an independent nation – The new nation of the new millennium is finding its way.

The support you give to our projects of education of students, support of teachers, and assistance to young Timorese making their way in the world, is of paramount importance in the development of Timor-Leste.

ATLAS is about a hand-up, to assist in education and job creation.

As always we thank you for the support that you give and continue to give to ATLAS and keeping to the promise “Your Friends Do Not Forget You”.

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