We are are conducting a raffle to raise money for a water reticulation project to source fresh water for St Thomas Aquinas College, Dili (Institutu Ciençias Religiosas – ICR). This organisation is an Institute of higher education which is owned by the Diocese of Dili and is conducted by the Catholic Divine Word Missionaries. It serves 400 students from all over Timor-Leste.

ICR is situated in Lahane Orientál, a very poor suburb of Dili. The elevated nature of the Institute’s site makes the provision of water very difficult.  As ICR lacks a proper water supply which poses a continuing health hazard, ATLAS is supporting its efforts to supply fresh water for the students.

Presently the school has three programmes in three degree courses:

  1. A Licentiate Degree programme in Catechetics which specialises in education and religious school formation
  2. A Bachelor degree programme specialising in the area of service and development of communities
  3. A Certificate programme which has application to primary school education and formation

ICR has a high standing in Timor-Leste and it is notable that graduates from ICR readily find employment in Government and Church schools. When accreditation for educational institutions was introduced in 2008, ICR qualified immediately. Graduates are engaged in pastoral and poverty alleviation activities across Timor-Leste, so by helping the Institute we can assist many poor people across this new nation.

ATLAS is running the raffle and the first prize is a $3,000.00 cruise with “Clean Cruising”. Second and third prizes are gift vouchers. Prizes are ideal for staff incentives. The purchase of the tickets will help raise much needed project funds of $US20,000.00.

Please contact us if you  would like to purchase tickets. Should you not wish to purchase tickets you may just wish to donate towards the project.  Our contact email is info@atlaseasttimor.com.au

(Written by Greg Mills)