Recently ATLAS received a report from Sister Inacia, Carmelite Sister, responsible for St Therese’s Orphanage, Maubara, East Timor. It provides details about the life and activities of the children. We are very pleased to share this information with you.

One important aim of the orphanage is to prepare the children for life. Education is therefore very important. Children of pre-school age attend the kindergarten attached to the orphanage. Primary and Junior Secondary students are transported to schools in the area by the orphanage vehicle.


Three Senior Secondary students attend High Schools in Dili and live in accommodation provided by the Sisters there.

Hopefully, these three will continue to university studies, depending on their final year results. Funding will also be an issue but the Sisters are hopeful that this will be forthcoming. The orphanage can boast of one of their ex-students (a young woman) who has graduated in Law; while several others have completed training courses in various skills.

At home, the children have many opportunities to develop life skills through informal education. These photos will give you some idea of life at St Theresa’s:



Your generous donations cover essential items such as food, clothing, education (including school uniforms and school requisites), health needs, firewood for cooking, general repairs, petrol and vehicle maintenance.

Above all, the orphanage is a home – a place where these children are loved and cared for. Your generous donations are making this possible.

This message comes to you from the Sisters:

We want to thank all ATLAS friends for your donations to the children and students at the orphanage. Thank you for opening your hearts to these children. We thank God for you and for your generosity. We want you to know that, because you help us financially, we are able to provide good care for the children. We and the children have many dreams for the future and for this dreaming we need your continuing support. We thank you from our hearts and pray for you.

The Sisters and children, Maubara Orphanage

Written by: Noreen Nicoara and Sister Josephine Mitchell

June 16 2014

(Posted by Greg Mills)