This week we received a Wonderful donation from the Community of Our Lady of Good Counsel Hillston of $2600 to go towards the support of the St Theres’s Orphanage at Maubara.

At present, St Therese’s provides a home for 46 children, ranging in age from 6 to 16. They come from 12 of the 13 Timorese districts and arrive through the concern of priests and sisters. Thirty-five children are presently residing at Maubara, while the remainder are with the Sisters in Dili or elsewhere mainly to attend secondary schools. Funds are needed to help the Sisters provide what is necessary for the children’s livelihood i.e. nutrition, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare and transport. The Sisters assure us that they rely on our financial support to provide these essentials. The average cost of caring for a child is US$50 per month.


The East Timor Youth Group was formed by the kids of Our Lady of Good Counsel Hillston Catholic Church,  specifically to raise money for the Orphanage in Maubara, East Timor. The Group was able to raise $2549.25 by holding a fantastic Easter Raffle and Cake Stall.  The whole community supported their efforts to raise this money which will go to much needed support of the 50 at the Maubara Orphanage.We are very grateful for the support that the community have provided.

The children (pictured below) are :

BACK ROW Left – Right : Lily Ryan, Bill Ryan, Timon Meyer, Meghann Petersen, Thomas Petersen, Liam English

FRONT ROW Left – Right : Tatum Meyer, Oscar Ryan


(Written by Greg Mills)