In January 2021 the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres requested assistance from ATLAS to support their school in Turiscai (St Paul’s).

Their aim is to provide the children with a well-rounded education which covers their growth – spiritually, physically and academically and includes training in health care (nutrition, good sanitation and hygiene).

Turiscai is more than 300 km from Dili, through rugged, narrow, winding stony, mountainous terrain – often impassable during heavy rains. It encompasses poverty in all its forms with a lack of necessities. Malnutrition and illiteracy are widespread. The Sisters have introduced a feeding program for the children three times per week as many of the children have to walk for hours to get to school.

The Sisters requested ATLAS’ assistance in providing funding the salary for one teacher for twelve months and the purchase of a suitable computer which would allow the school to keep up-to-date records and to provide much needed educational opportunities for the community.

ATLAS was happy to assist, and the funding was made available.

The computer and accessories are delivered