The woodwork project was established by Gerald Kenneally to honour the memory of his father “Paddy” Kenneally, an Australian soldier on Timor in 1942.

There is demand in Timor-Leste for school furniture such as blackboards, cupboards, tables, desks, as well as teaching resources, including skills development games and jigsaw puzzles. This demand is growing and there is every indication that a successful business could provide such teaching aids without the Timorese having to access them in other countries.




Crosses currently being made by the woodwork project in Timor-Leste are being used in the Funeral Industry in Australia, and certain types of crosses are also proving popular among Australian buyers. Sales in Timor-Leste, particularly for use in Churches, are also promising. The first employee, Vitál António de Jesus, has commenced work and has sent his first report.

The longer term plan for the project is the development of the Funeral industry in Timor-Leste. This will include the manufacture of good quality coffins and the introduction of appropriate facilities and management skills. This will be done in consultation with the Timorese people, with respect for customs and culture.

Education and training will underpin the whole enterprise which will address both management and skills needs. ATLAS is preparing to raise $20,000 to cover wages, materials, rent of premises and ongoing overheads as the enterprise develops. The hope is that a flourishing, self-supporting industry will develop for the good of the nation of Timor-Leste.

Your assistance in this would be a wonderful way for you to be part of the great Australian acknowledgement of the debt we owe the Timorese people. They don’t want a handout – but a hand up, and through establishing industries, Australian can help to pay the debt.