You could be sitting here for Sunday lunch
You could be sitting here for Sunday lunch

Come to an entertaining and informative lunch time event on Sunday 27th September at Dooley’s Catholic Club, Lidcombe, 12 noon for 12:30.

A great meal will be available at the bargain price of $48.00. Get a table of 8 together and enjoy the company of friends.

One of the highlights will be the presence of the Ambassador, His Excellency Abel Guterres. There will be emphasis on ATLAS’s WWII connection via Gerald, Paddy Kenneally’s son. There will be Timor displays, a raffle, dancing and singing by Timorese Youth Club, and speakers will include Mr Gerald Kenneally and Sisters Susan Connelly and Josephine Mitchell.

The work of ATLAS will be the focus, with an emphasis on the importance of Timor to Australia and how we need to keep abreast of the developments which affect us all.

Contact Rayella on 8807 8894 for tickets. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about the debt Australia owes to the Timorese people!

Every Australian needs to be aware of our near neighbour Timor-Leste.

“Your friends will not forget you” … that’s what we said.