St Marys Craft ClubSt Marys Parish Hall is a-buzz every Thursday morning St Marys Craft Club with the sound of chatter, the clack of knitting needles and the whizz of crochet hooks! The Craft club is in action, producing all sorts of colourful rugs and beautiful knitted garments from jumpers to beanies. Here is a place of companionship and laughter, a place to share a “cuppa”, to catch up on “the news”, and provide a listening ear. Annette Walsh is the convenor, and her organizational skills and generous heart have contributed so much to this special group of people.

The Craft Club started around 2006 with five members and today numbers thirty-one. From the beginning, the Club was concerned for those less fortunate and started knitting for the babies of African mothers suffering from AIDS. When that need waned, the members turned their attention to Timor-Leste. Production of jumpers, scarves and beanies began for the children in the mountain villages.

The sale of crafts also began with proceeds going towards the care of the orphan children at St Therese’s Orphanage, Maubara, East Timor. Everyone makes a donation which covers the delicious morning tea supplied by some of the members plus a “bit extra” which goes towards the purchase of wool used to produce more articles to sell. Over the past twelve months, the club has raised around $2000 for the care of the children – a truly amazing effort!

ATLAS extends sincere thanks and congratulations to all members of the St Marys Craft Club.