Vitál with sander
          Vitál with sander

ATLAS Timorese employee Vitál de Jesus gave Chris some lessons in how to make crosses in the woodwork project. Chris saw how hard Vitál works and how proficient he has become in this promising venture.

The saw and sander Vitál uses both get hot very quickly so he has to stop often, thus slowing down his work. Power tools are ridiculously expensive in Timor. Other bits and pieces are not so dear, but of course, they have to be kept in good condition.

Chris and Vitál packed the latest products ready to go to Australia: 51 Funeral Crosses, 90 Neck Crosses, 48 New Style  Holding Crosses and 120 Holding Crosses.

The car Chris was going to use broke down, but Father Guilhermino da Silva, Parish Priest of Becora, loaned them his own car for a few days.  Chris commented: “He is such a blessing; truly a good man”.