Chris Scharf’s visit to Timor-Leste

Vitál at work
                             Vitál at work

In February, Chris Scharf visited Timor-Leste on behalf of ATLAS.  He was there for two months, meeting those involved in ATLAS projects, assessing the work being done on the ground and making recommendations to the ATLAS Board. He also looked at other projects which are helping to stabilise Timor-Leste, provide employment and build on existing skills.

Chris’s presence and work in Timor has given ATLAS members a wonderful insight into the progress being made by the Timorese people. His experience and skill are helping to form policies on how best to implement the projects requested by the people.

On a personal note, Chris is quick to express his delight in having such an opportunity.  It gave him real insights into the problems being faced as well as into the great steps forward that the Timorese people have been taking since Independence.

Chris’s regular emails to ATLAS were very interesting to read, and for this newsletter we are taking some of his comments on a few of the investigations he conducted.